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Arinax Scientific Instrumentation

Our products

ARINAX manufactures scientific instruments for MX crystallography and related environments. Our main products are the X-ray micro diffractometers MD2-S, MD3 and the automatic crystal harvesting system, CrystalDirect®.

Crystal harvesting

Automatic system for crystal harvesting

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X-ray diffraction

X-ray diffractometers
and complementary devices

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Crystal Dehydration

Sample cooling & dehydration devices

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BioSAXS technics: Arinax robotic solution

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Arinax at a glance

Fields of expertise

Arinax is the world leading manufacturer of high precision diffractometer applied to MX crystallography, in synchrotrons. We offer a large range of equipment for structural biology, covering single crystal x-ray diffraction, SAXS/WAXS and neutron diffraction.

We also offer specific solutions for controlled crystal dehydration, both available in synchrotrons and in home laboratories.

 Now, Arinax is in the crystallization field with CrystalDirect®, the fully-automated crystal harvester dedicated to modern high throughput crystallization platforms.

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A collaborative approach

For over ten years we have been working hand in hand with the instrumentation group of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), in Grenoble, to develop innovative equipment for MX crystallography, combining excellent precision, integration and automation.

Our most recent co-development is the CrystalDirect® automatic crystal harvester robot, for modern crystallization platforms.

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Premium services for beamline integration

Thanks to our highly qualified expert team, each Arinax equipment is suited to your need and adapted to beamlines’ features.

For example, the high precision diffractometers MD2-S & MD3 are systematically integrated to the beamline according to its software, like Blue-Ice or MX Cube, and Arinax also masters multi-device server integration, like TINE, TANGO and EPICS.

Whether you are in a synchrotron or a home laboratory, Arinax offers the best recommendations for your equipment and your research field.

Please contact us for any further information about our services