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We are sponsor

of the DGK-AK1-Workshop: Diffraction Data Collection Using Synchrotron Radiation, in Berlin.

The DGK-AK1 workshop will take place at the synchrotron BESSY-II and is organized by Dr. Manfred Weiss, MX team leader, with the support of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB). This two-days workshop is addressed to PhD students in Biological Crystallography and focus on in-diffraction data collection at a synchrotron. It comprises a series of basic lectures and tutorials sessions.


July 04-06, 2019




Arinax is proud to be a sponsor of this special event which brings together young scientists in Berlin.

BESSY II and ARINAX have a long story. It started in 2007, when one of the first MD2 X-ray diffractometers was installed at BESSY on the BL14.1 beamline. 12 years later, this MD2 diffractometer is still in use today.

Picture of BL 14.1 beamline. Credit photo: Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

In 2018, BESSY II decided to upgrade the BL14.3 beamline with a new Arinax MD2-S X-ray Diffractometer.

With the diffractometer, a complete set of equipment is installed, including an HC-Lab Humidity Controller, a REX Rapid Nozzle Changer, a Colibri X-ray fast shutter , a Mini-kappa goniometer head and a Luciole Cold Light Source.

BL14.3 is still being upgraded but the MD2-S is already installed and ready to start (see BL 14.3 upgrade status on HZB official website.)

(Left) Picture of the MD2-S and the REX installed on BL 14.3 beamline.
Credit photo: Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin