We are sponsor

of the SAXS Symposium, in Hamburg.

The symposium will take place at the Center for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) and is held by the EMBL Hamburg. This two-day symposium is addressed to expert users of Biological SAXS and focus on state of the art developments in the field of small-angle scattering (methods, instruments and science).
Leading experts in small angle X-ray and neutron scattering will present a series of scientific presentations, combined with celebratory retrospectives of SAXS in Hamburg over the past 30 years.

Until June 15th, 2019

August 29-30th, 2019

CSSB Hamburg
Notkestr. 85, building 15
22607 Hamburg

Arinax is proud to be a sponsor of this special event which brings together BioSAXS scientific community in Hamburg.

In February 2018, PETRA III (DESY) upgraded the P12 EMBL BioSAXS Beamline with a new BioSAXS Sample Changer Robot.

Official EMBL webpage for P12 bealine : http://www.embl-hamburg.de/services/saxs/index.html

(Left) Picture of the BioSAXS Sample Changer Robot installed on P12 beamline (PETRA III).
Credit photo: EMBL Hamburg

BioSAXSTM is an automatic sample changer designed to support biological SAXS & WAXS experimentations on Synchrotron beamlines.

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