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We are bronze sponsor

of the Asian Crystallographic Association international conference, AsCA 2019.

This 16th AsCA conference will be held at the University Town, National University of Singapore, on 17 – 20 December 2019.

The conference focus on outstanding science from Asia countries including diverse topics in  structural biology, chemical crystallography, crystal engineering, materials science, physics and fundamental science, methods, instrumentation, techniques and computation.

December 17-20, 2019


UTown, National University of Singapore

This is now the third time Arinax has the honor to be a sponsor of the AsCA conference which brings together Asian scientists community.

Left Picture: photo of the MD3-UP X-ray diffractometer installed in 2018 at the Taiwanese synchrotron.

With a strong presence in Asian countries (China, South Korea, Taïwan) and Australia, Arinax is present for the third time at the AsCA conference. This event is an excellent opportunity for ARINAX to meet its customers and to participate to new insight and advancement in synchrotron science.

In 2018,  Arinax installed the first MD3-UP X-ray diffractometer in Asia at the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC – Taiwan). A second MD3-UP will be installed in Taiwan in October 2019.

This second diffractometer will be equipped with the newly OAV B-ZOOM which is optimized for highly automated end-stations.

Landscape Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash