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High efficiency X-ray shutter

The Colibri technology uses a magnetic guidance for the rising process: the moving part is in levitation inside a magnetic field, avoiding mechanical friction.

The Colibri X-ray shutter has a fast rising time of 1 ms with a low jitter (0.4 ms peak-to-peak). The minimum Opening Time (OT) is 6ms.


OT: Opening Time

RT: Rise Time

FT: Fall Time

DT: Delay Time

A reliable and slim design

Highly reliable

The components of the Colibri shutter unit offer a long lifetime of 20 years @ 0.1 Hz, and during operation the maximum temperature rise is limited to +5° @ 10 Hz.

Slim housing design

The Colibri features a very slim housing of only 15 mm width along the beam path. Thanks to this slim design the Colibri shutter unit can be easily integrated in various end-station environments. For example, on Arinax’ MD2-S X-ray diffractometer the Colibri shutter unit is inserted up-stream the On-Axis Video microscope.

Safety design

In case of power failure, Colibri automatically falls in safety position: the shutter blocks the X-ray beam, protecting the sample from radiation damage.

Remote controlled device

The Colibri X-ray shutter is designed to be remotely controlled by Arinax diffractometers, such as the MD2-S and MD3 microdiffractometers. Remote control is also possible with other diffractometers or via a sample changer robot.

In addition, the Colibri continuously transfers an opening status feedback, for example to a diffractometer or to a sample changer robot.

Technical specifications

2mm diameter
Rise/Fall time
(for 0-100% of 2 mm)
Delay Time* < 5 ms @ 1Hz
Delay Time jitter peak ± 0.2 ms
Max frequency
(for 0 – 100 % opening)
80 Hz
Opening closing time*
(for 100 % guaranteed opening and closing)
< 7 ms
Shutter unit lifetime 4 x 108 cycles @ 1Hz
or 20 years @ 0.1 Hz
Powered off position Automatic close mode
Maximal temperature rise +5° @ 10 Hz
Operation Temperature Range -20°C to +80°C (Shutter Unit)
Shutter status Output  Yes
TTL input  Yes
Control unit Power Supply
Voltage 80 VAC – 264 VAC
Frequency 47 Hz – 63 Hz
Electric power 85 W
Dimensions (x, y, z)
Control unit 105 x 55 x 125 mm3
Shutter unit 85 x 35 x 15 mm3

*Time reference is given for the heaviest beamstop material available (tungsten)