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CrystalDirect® uses the CrystalDirect™ plates which are likewise developed by EMBL.

The CrystalDirect™ plate is a 96-well vapor diffusion crystallization plate that uses an ultrathin film as crystallization support.

General Features:

CrystalDirect™ plates are entirely compatible with standard equipment.

• 96-well standard SBS format
• Up to 3 samples per well
45µl of crystallization solution per reservoir

Ultrathin growth support (25 µm and thinner)
Minimal UV background
Minimal X-ray background
• Compatible with CrystalDirect Automatic Crystal Harvester
• Compatible with in-situ experiments

General Dimensions:

Dowload CrystalDirect™ plates general dimensions

You can get more information on HTXLab website.

Where to buy CrystalDirect™ plates?

CrystalDirect™ plates are distributed by MiTeGen.  See more information on MiTeGen webpage for CrystalDirect-1 plates.

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