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Mini-kappa MK3

The MiniKappa, MK3, is an easy to mount/dismount goniometer head which offers an additional kappa and phi axis. This gives numerous possibilities of crystal re-orientation in a fast and easy way.

Together with the software package STAC the MK3 allows setting up crystal alignment strategies which lead to more efficient x-ray data collection  (Brockhauser, 2013).

MD2 & MK3 close-up

See video here

(κ) Kappa:

-        Rotational precision:  ±0.05°

-        Travel Range: 0 to 255°

-        Resolution: 0.35 mdeg

(ϕ) Phi:

-        Rotational precision:  ±0.09°

-        Travel range: 360° (no limitation)

-        Resolution: 1.41 mdeg

(Χ) Chi axis:

-        Travel Range: 0 to 48°. Value depends of the kappa-axis' position.

Easy & safe sample change

Mini-Kappa features


(2017) J Synchrotron Radiat.; 24(Pt 1): 323–332. "P13, the EMBL macromolecular crystallography beamline at the low-emittance PETRA III ring for high- and low-energy phasing with variable beam focusing"

(2013) Brockhauser et al. Acta Cryst. D69, 1241-1251, "The use of a mini-κ goniometer head in macromolecular crystallography diffraction experiments"

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