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REX - Rapid Nozzle Exchanger

REX is a remote controlled nozzle changer designed to be combined with HC-Lab for crystal dehydration experiments on crystallography beamlines.

It is also an automatic solution to optimize operating time on high throughput x-ray beamlines.

REX manipulates 2 nozzles and gives the possibility to automatically switch between them. For crystal dehydration experiments, REX can switch between the cryo nozzle and the humidity nozzle of HC-Lab.

Picture of REX by Arinax


Once the optimum humidity is determined simply push a button and automatically exchange the humidity-nozzle with the cryo-nozzle. The nozzle exchange is done in a quick and non-linear movement, leading to the flash-cooling of the crystal while preserving the humidity induced crystal properties. The frozen crystal is now ready for the collection of a final data-set.

Both nozzles are mounted onto REx and aligned only once. They always remain aligned with respect to the sample position no matter how many automatic nozzle movements you perform. During an experiment external beamline users may exchange nozzles rapidly and at any time without a helping hand from the beamline scientist. Finished the time when loosely or wrongly fixed nozzles let to collision accidents.

Technical Specifications

Arinax REX nozzle changer system: table of technical specifications

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