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FLEX-ED24 is an automated sample changer/storage robot

This robot features a compact, rapid access LN2 Dewar, the EdgeDewar24

FLEX-ED24 is compatible with all Arinax technologies, e.g. MDS and MD3

Sample storage EdgeDewar

  • Sample storage Dewar with 24 slots (unipuck), plus one slot for sample recovery
  • miniSPINE/SPINE compatible with 36/16 samples per puck
  • Sample and puck identification
  • Ice filtering system for LN2

Sample transfer Flex

  • 6 axis robot
  • different types of tool heads
  • Automatic tool head exchange
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the new generation of compact sample holders for MX crystallography

The miniSPINE sample holder is compatible with standard goniometer mounts and provides a great storage density. Compared to the SPINE design, which only allows the storage of 16 samples per puck, the miniSPINE design allows the storage of 36 samples per puck. This technology features a hight degree of identification with RFID for puck identification and QR code for sample pin identification.

Technical specifications

Sample storage EdgeDewar
Unipuck type

24 storage pucks

1 recovery puck



36 samples per puck

16 samples per puck

Max. storage capacity

864 samples with miniSPINE

384 samples with SPINE

Hight degree of identification

Puck identification : RFID

Puck detection under LN2 : PROXISENSE

Sample pin identification : QR code

 Sample transfer Flex
Industrial robot 6 axis

Single gripper with 40 s of sample exchange time

Double gripper with 5 s of sample exchange time

Tool head exchange fully automatic
Tool head rack 5 storage slots
Multi-device servers EXPORTER, TINE, TANGO, EPICS

Deicing frequency : 1-2 weeks

Deicing & LN2 refill time  : 6-8 h


Deicing frequency : Automatically every 16 transfer cycles

Deicing time : 90 s

EdgeDewar Diameter : 605 mm

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