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High precision single crystal diffractometer

1 µm Sphere Of Confusion (SOC)
The MD2-S reaches a 1 µm sphere of confusion (radius, @ 100 deg/s, with a SmartMagnet sample holder mounted on the Ω-axis) with an excellent repeatability and reliability.
This micrometer SOC is achieved by an optimized design combining high precision components with a support structure preventing parasitic vibrations and deformations.

High accuracy
The MD2-S has a high accuracy which is perfectly suited for single crystal X-ray diffractometry and advanced data collection strategies. The MD2-S reaches a static precision of ± 0.5 mdeg and an excellent dynamic precision of ±2 mdeg for its Ω-axis (@ 10 deg/s rotation speed, with a SmartMagnet sample holder mounted on the Ω-axis).

Enhanced sample visualization

Parallax-free sample visualization
This synchrotron diffractometer integrates the new On-Axis Video microscope (OAV B-ZOOM) with an optical axis along the x-ray beam path. The resulting parallax-free image is delivered at high spatial resolution (350 350 nm² per pixel) and excellent contrast. The outstanding in situ sample imaging is possible thanks to the unique objective design, developed by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

Video assisted centering system
The MD2-S software offers a video assisted sample centering functionality taking full advantage of the OAV performances. This “three click-centering” functionality gives the possibility to:
– Localize the beam
– Align the sample to the beam position
– Center the sample within the beam

Intelligent functionalities

Advanced data collection strategies
The MD2-S software is able to coordinate simultaneously multi-axe movements, the prerequisite for advanced x-ray data collection strategies using grid scans, helical scans or serial crystallography. The control software supports all of these scanning techniques on different levels.

Advanced Detector Trigger modes
This synchrotron diffractometer is compatible with numerous trigger modes to synchronize the different motor positions with the x-ray detector.
The MD2-S diffractometer provides continuously the exact sample position & orientation to the detector which then, are filed for each diffraction image taken by the detector.

Integrated Movable Beamstop
The MD2-S integrates a movable beamstop which is optimally suited for single crystal diffraction with a minimum/maximum sample-to-beamstop distance of 8 mm/60 mm. The movable beamstop is also useful for in situ crystallography with 96-well plates.

Kappa goniometer head & In situ crystallography
The MD2-S standard SmartMagnet sample holder can be exchanged with different goniometer heads:
– The Mini-Kappa, MK3, is a multi-axis goniometer head that provides two additional axes of rotation, called « kappa » and « phi », for advanced crystal alignment strategies (Brockhauser, 2013).
– The Plate Manipulator is a motorized 96-well plate holder mounted on the Ω-axis. This goniometer head gives access to high accuracy in situ crystallography.
To offer the best flexibility to users, the SmartMagnet, the Mini-Kappa and the Plate Manipulator are designed to be easily mounted and dismounted: switching between these goniometer heads is done within a couple of minutes and no trained personnel is necessary.


Multi-axis Goniometer Head

Plate Manipulator

In situ crystal plate holder

Arinax & beamline integration

For over 12 years Arinax has developed strong competences in beamline integration. Thanks to its expertise Arinax can entirely integrate the MD2-S into beamline specific software like MXCube or Blu-Ice.The MD2-S software supports different multi-device servers: TINE, TANGO and EPICS.
In addition, this synchrotron diffractometer is fully configurable for automated beamline operation sample changer robots (e.g. 6-axis sample changer robot)

ARINAX supplies interface electronics for the communication with sample changer robots from IRELEC-ALCEN.

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Technical specifications

Ω-axis Horizontal
On-axis video microscope (OAV B-Zoom)
Sphere of confusion 1 µm radius, @ 100 deg/s
Maximum rotation speed 500 deg/s
Angular resolution 0.1 mdeg
Dynamic accuracy Below ± 2 mdeg @10 deg/s
User interface JAVA Control application
Beamline software integration Customizable (e.g. MXCube, Blu-Ice)
Multi-device servers TINE, TANGO, EPICS
Sample changer robot Robot hardware & software integration
Control features Parallax-free sample visualization

semi-automatic sample centering

4D Data collection strategies

Advanced detector synchronization modes

Selectable beam shaping tools

Movable beam-stop
Distance to the sample  25 to 77 mm
5 to 57 mm
Beamstop diameter 300 – 400 – 500 µm
Power Supply
Voltage 110 VAC to 240 VAC
Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Electric power 1000 W
Dimensions (W,H,D)
Depth x Width x Height 270 x 550 x 500 mm3
Diffractometer only 100 kg