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Parallax Free Sample Visualization

The X-ray beam passes through the objective’s lens system by means of a central hole which is coaxial with the optical axis.

This coaxial video microscope provides a parallax free sample visualization that allows in situ perfect alignment of the sample.

This unique design is developed by the EMBL Grenoble Instrumentation Group (Cipriani team).

Optical performances

The OAV Ultra-Zoom is composed of a high resolution drilled objective giving x3 to x30 magnification, a numerical aperture of 0.28 and a working distance of 31.8 mm; it is combined with a high performance zoom and a digital camera which enables a resolution of  659 x 493 px (standard CCD) or 1360 x 1024 px (optional CCD).

The integration of these elements provides excellent optical performance, with a resolution of 0.35 µm/px (standard CCD) or 0.16 µm/px (optional CCD). Consequently, the OAV allows distinguishing objects as small as 1 µm.

Semi-automatic centering

Integrated to MD2-S & MD3 diffractometers, the OAV Ultra-Zoom is linked to a “three click-centering” function that gives the possibility in only three clicks to:

  • Localize the X-ray beam

  • Align the sample to the X-ray beam position

  • Center the sample with the X-ray beam

Optic Fiber & LED technologies ready

Thanks to the integrated polarizer, the OAV Ultra-Zoom can condense the light produced by LED and conveyed by fiber optic, so the OAV works perfectly with the Luciole Cold Light Source developed by Arinax.

The OAV takes all the advantages of the 3 fiber optic output channels available with the Luciole CLS: it provides a dual frontlight of maximal 2 x 1050 Lm and a backlight of maximal 1050 Lm without heat emission (LED illumination).

Technical specifications

– CCD 0.35 µm/px
– Optional CCD 0.16 µm/px
Resolving power 600 lpmm resolved
Field of View 2.1 x 1.6 mm @ Zoom min;
0.20 x 0.16mm @ zoom max
Motorized zoom DC or stepper
High resolution drilled objective lens Coaxial hole: 1 mm diameter
– Working Distance 31.8 mm
– Magnification x3 to x30
– Numerical Aperture 0.28
Digital Camera
Spatial resolution CCD: 659 x 493 px
CCD (optional): 1360 x 1024 px
Connection Gigabit ethernet
Video server bandwidth ≥ 20 FPS (depending on network)
Power supply 12 V
Analyzer System (optional)
Motorized Analyzer
– Type of motor DC or Stepper
– Single transmission 30 %
– Crossed transmission 0.15 %
Stand-alone version
Chassis (X, Y, Z)  4.0 x 4.0 x 6.0 mm3
Support positioning
Backlight condenser (X, Y) 6.5 mm, 4.0 mm