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In situ MX Crystallography

The Plate Manipulator is a motorized crystal plate holder for standard screening plates (96-well plates) that is dedicated to in situ MX crystallography.

Its integrated motorized axis is combined with the translational and rotational movements (alignment table & Ω axis): in this way, the crystallization plate can evolve in 3 dimensions, giving access to the 96 wells.

The Plate Manipulator has an excellent flexibility: it is easy to mount and dismount on Arinax diffractometers and it can be easily exchanged with other Arinax goniometer heads, such as the Mini-Kappa MK3.

5 minutes switchable equipment

In order to offer the best flexibility to users, the Plate manipulator, the Mini-kappa MK3 and the SmartMagnet are designed to be easily mounted and dismounted according to user need: the switch from one to another takes about 5 minutes and only one person is required to do the switch.

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Goniometer Head

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Goniometer Head


The Plate Manipulator is compatible with MD3 & MD2-S diffractometers. The Plate Manipulator handles standard screening plates (96-well plates): users can use CrystalDirectTM plates, In-situ 1TM plates and CrystalQuickTM X plates.

Technical specifications

Repeatability of Row selection (PY axis) <± 20 µm
Mounted on a MD2-S or MD3:
– Crystal alignment accuracy 1 µm
– Omega available scan range 60° (may depend on the configuration)
Standard SBS 96 well plate CrystalDirectTM plate
In Situ-1TM plate
CrystalQuickTM X plate
Cylindrical support part 75 mm diameter
Plate holder part 100x190x18 mm
100x245x18 mm with a crystallization plate