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Automatic & remote controlled nozzle exchanger

With the REX, in combination with the HC-Lab, we propose an automatic solution for protein crystal dehydration experiments, e.g. on MX-beamlines with experiment control by remote users. Both nozzles, the cryo nozzle and the humidity nozzle, are mounted permanently on the REX. The Rapid nozzles Ex changer allows remote controlled nozzle movements:

  • Moving  « in » and « out » of either nozzle
  • Retracting the cryo nozzle by 10 mm for sample exchange
  • Swapping between both nozzles, e.g. for flash-cooling

Stable nozzle alignment

Once the crystal’s optimum RH value is determined, the crystal can be flash-cooled for final data collection. Switching from the humidity nozzle to the cryo nozzle is done very quickly and with a cryo nozzle trajectory which avoids “flat” temperature gradients at the sample position.

The permanent nozzle mounting guarantees a stable nozzle alignment for both nozzles before and after the nozzle movements.

Sample recovery & maintenance

The REX rapid nozzle exchanger allows a 10 mm retraction of the cryo nozzle for manual or automatic sample recovery/mounting. The REX control electronics supplies the necessary I/O channels for synchronization with a sample changer robot.

Moving “out” both nozzles at the same time (retraction by about 180 mm) frees the space around the sample position. This allows maintenance on the goniometer close to the sample position without losing the nozzle alignment.

Arinax expertise

The Arinax team is highly specialized and we are used to customizing our equipment in order to adapt to various environments, either in a home lab or on a synchrotron beamline. Please feel free to contact us if you have any technical questions.

Ask for a quote!

Technical Specifications

Rough operation times (depending on the installation, the orientation and the installed cryogenic nozzle)
– Park all – Cryo in 660 ms
– Park all – Cryo back 305 ms
– Park all – HC ln 470 ms
– Cryo in – HC ln 1110 ms
– Cryo in – Cryo back 135 ms
– Cryo in – Park all 665 ms
– Cryo back – Cryo in 250 ms
– Cryo back – HC ln 1095 ms
– Cryo back – Park all 625 ms
– HC in – Cryo in 1090 ms
– HC in – Cryo back 725 ms
– HC in – Park all 430 ms
User interface Web/Local Panel/MD Control App/Customized
Beamline Integration Interlock connection ready
Software remote control Ethernet connection (modbus)
Hardware remote control sample changer interface (analog)
Crystal de/humidification Adapted to cryo- & humidity nozzle
Power Supply
Voltage 110 VAC -230VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Electric power 150 W
Air Supply
Pressure 6 bars
connection 6 mm diameter