Sample Holder Detection

The SmartMagnet senses the electromagnetic field and detects the presence of the sample pin. The sample detection is performed by the SmartMagnet control electronics which is integrated in the MD3 & MD2-S.

For other equipment, Arinax has developed an external SmartMagnet Control Box.

Excellent Compatibility

Arinax diffractometers

The SmartMagnet is compatible with Arinax diffractometers, such as the MD3 & MD2-S microdiffractometers, and with the Mini-Kappa goniometer head.

Sample changer robots

The SmartMagnet is fully-compatible with sample changer robots using SPINE standard, like 6-Axis Sample Changer Robots.

Other equipment

With an external SmartMagnet control box, the SmartMagnet sample holder can be compatible with other equipment.

5 minutes Switchable Equipment

In order to procure the best flexibility to users, the Plate manipulator, the Mini-kappa MK3 and the SmartMagnet are designed to be easily mounted and dismounted according to user need: the switch from one to another is done about 5 minutes and only one person is required to do the switch.