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Arinax X-ray diffraction products are dedicated to synchrotron MX crystallography beamlines.

Our product range is focused on the experimental End-Station for which we offer high precision X-ray diffractometers and complementary devices (Sample visualization, multi-axis goniometer head, and others).

We also provide premium services for the installation and integration of Arinax equipment, such as beamline software integration (Blue-Ice, MX Cube and others)
Most of Arinax products are developed in collaboration with the EMBL Grenoble Instrumentation Team. (See more about this collaboration)

High Precision X-ray Microdiffractometers


X-ray Microdiffractometer

MD3 High Precision X-ray Microdiffractometer

The MD3 is the most recent diffractometer co-developed by the EMBL and Arinax. It is dedicated to MX crystallography in synchrotrons.

It achieves an exceptional sphere of confusion of 200 nm (radius, @100 deg/s) which is perfectly suited for advanced microfocus beamlines. The MD3 Microdiffractometer also offers modern data collection strategies such as Helical scan, Grid scan and Serial Crystallography.


X-ray Microdiffractometer

MD2-S X-ray Microdiffractometer

The MD2-S diffractometer is a co-development of the EMBL and Arinax. The MD2-S Microdiffractometer is dedicated to MX crystallography in synchrotrons.

It presents a 1 µm sphere of confusion (radius, @ 100 deg/s). Like the MD3 diffractometer, it can be combined with a Mini-Kappa MK3 for crystal reorientation or with a Plate Manipulator for in situ crystallography.

Complementary  equipment & goniometer heads


Sample Holder


Multi-axis Goniometer Head

Plate Manipulator

In situ crystal plate holder


Cold Light Source


On-Axis Video microscope

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X-ray Fast Shutter